‘The Pocket’ Music Docuseries

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Music is an important part of many cultures around the world, but it has a different impact in different places. It often reflects on or reacts to socio-political issues that affect the local culture. On “The Pocket,” platinum selling artist DJ Kool goes on the road & around the DMV (Washington D.C./ Maryland/ Virginia) to explore some of the most electrifying — and, in some cases, controversial — leaders in Go Go music’s current revival.

June 19, 2019

Go-Go is a home grown sound in the Washington, DC area founded by it’s Godfather Chuck Brown. The term ‘the pocket’, refers to the extended percussion break in a Go Go song, uniquely distinguishable by the band that created the rhythm. The term is best illustrated in the high-intensity live performances captured by our cameras.

The 1st season will take viewers behind & on stage with legendary acts such as Rare Essence, E.U., and Junkyard Band — as well as the new generation’s hip hop/ rock based version called Bounce Beat. Each episode features interviews from the band members sharing their take on the city’s most cherished music scene.

The Pocket is also an interactive brand connected to social media through its website (launch date tentative). Members will be treated to a host of extended interviews & archive footage of featured bands, sponsored giveaways, custom merch, and portals to events within the Go Go community.

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